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Saving Grace Tutors is a Private Tutoring Company that has been in business for 10 years, providing tutoring services since 2009. We are devoted to providing students with highly skilled, experienced and qualified private tutors across South Africa.

We have the most educated and experienced team of tutors near you who are passionate about teaching students from Grade R to Grade 12 in respective subjects.

In this modern competitive world your child deserves the support and guidance of educational experts along with their schooling to help them achieve academic success.

We are always committed to assisting parents and students to find the most qualified and experienced private home tutors across South Africa who are ready to provide the best quality  home educational and private tutoring services.

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Tutoring Service We Offer

At Home Tutor

Saving Grace Tutors provides private at home tutoring to students across South Africa.

Our focus is on students from Grade R to 12 providing One-on-One At Home Tutoring Services for all Subjects.

We provide At Home Tutoring for students on the CAPS, IEB and CAMBRIDGE Curriculum.

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Online Tutor

Saving Grace Tutors is the first and only private tutoring company that offers students the option of a online tutoring center in which students can login to our learning management system and attend live tutoring lessons on our learning management system via video conferencing.

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Homework Assistance

Our At Home or Online Daily Homework Assistance is aimed at assisting Primary School students, ensuring that their homework is done effectively. Homework that’s done properly and well understood is half the battle won. ​Our dedicated tutors will devote sufficient time to your child and assist them with their homework and resolve the subject related difficulties on a daily basis.

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Saving Grace Tutors is the most trusted-result driven tutoring companies offering Homeschool Tutoring Services to students across the country .

We offer flexible homeschooling programs developed for the academic growth and development of every student so that they can achieve their educational goals.

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We provide 2 forms of assessments to students.

1. School Readiness Assessments

2. Academic Assessment

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