Partner with Saving Grace Education Group

  • Saving Grace Education Group would like to help you offer your students a British curriculum that is internationally recognized by over 160 countries worldwide
  • Access our world-class online learning platform that delivers the learning experience through the perfect combination of interactive technology.
  • Track your students’ performance via the Saving Grace Education Group Student Tracker on our Learning Management System
  • Be supported by an experienced Consultants who will help you integrate Saving Grace Education Group into your centre and market the platform to your students and parents
  • Enhance your centre’s brand and service to attract new students and retain them for longer

It’s 100% cost free to your centre, and your students get discounts by joining Saving Grace Education Group through you.

Become a SGEG Study Center Partner and receive dedicated support

To help you market the platform, Saving Grace Education Group will:

  • Conduct activations and demonstrations to your parents and students
  • Design co-branded product brochures
  • Design personalized flyers and event invites
  • Provide digital marketing material for social media advertising, e.g. Facebook posts
  • Design personalized adverts for traditional advertising, e.g. magazines, newspapers and billboards
  • Refer relevant students to your center

Your dedicated Saving Grace Education Group Consultant will:

  • Manage the relationship between you and Saving Grace Education Group
  • Help you sell the product to your students
  • Facilitate the registration and onboarding of new students
  • Train you and your students on how to use the platform
  • Provide you with regular updates as the platform gets continually enhanced
  • Provide you with a monthly report detailing the students you have referred

Your Saving Grace Education Group Client Support Team will deal with all queries from you or your students, such as:

  • How to navigate the platform (for example, attending Q&A’s and submitting assignments)
  • General queries on how the Saving Grace Education Group programme works (teacher engagement, exams etc)
  • Technical queries (resetting passwords, changing email addresses or any other technical issues you or your students may be experiencing)
  • Academic queries on your students’ results (the team will work closely with your teachers to get you the feedback you require)

Offering Saving Grace Education Group to your students as an Independent Study Centre, involves the following:

  • Providing a dedicated learning space free of outside distractions
  • Determining the English proficiency of each new applicant and administering pre-assessments
  • Advising students on Cambridge International levels and subject choices
  • Directing students to the suppliers of the prescribed textbooks. It is strongly advised to have a library of the required textbooks for students to use while they wait for their own textbooks to be delivered
  • Facilitating the overall learning journey by supporting, guiding and motivating your students
  • Helping students to navigate the Saving Grace Education Group platform and make use of all its learning features
  • Encouraging students to review their Saving Grace Education Group teachers’ feedback and to approach them with questions
  • Assisting students with submitting completed assignments via the platform (centers should have scanning & printing facilities available)
  • Administering mock exams under controlled exam conditions
  • Being aware of the Cambridge International exam dates and making these known to students
  • Being aware of the Cambridge exam codes for student exam applications
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